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North America's Largest
Northwest Coast Native Art Gallery

Welcome to a world of storytelling, graphic art, painting, print making, sculpture, textiles, leather-work, knit work and so much more...welcome to the rich tapestry of cultures belonging to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Canada.



Tenacity by Andy Everson

Paper measures: 17" x 22"

Image measures: 14.5" x 19"


This item is SOLD
Bear with Salmon by Francis Horne Jr.

Bear is the protector of the animal kingdom, awakening the power of the unconscious. A Provider Symbol of abundance and prosperity, the salmon was the chief sustenance for the West Coast Natives.

Was: $7,800.00
Now: $6,240.00
Resilience by Native American Artist Andy Everson

Limited Edition giclée print

Image measures about 14.5 x 19 inches

Paper measures about 17 x 22 inches

This item is SOLD
Frog bowl by Jacob Lewis

Carved from yellow cedar and detailed with acrylic paint, paua shell and stain.

Was: $3,200.00
Now: $2,560.00
Sisiutl by David Louis

Carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint.

This item is SOLD
Bukwus by Joe Peters

Carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint

Was: $2,800.00
Now: $2,240.00
Sun Mask by Earl Lewis

A Northwest coast masterpiece, created around 40 years ago. This incredible Sun mask has only just been made available.

Was: $38,000.00
Now: $30,400.00
Wasgo Panel by Edwin Neel

Carved from laminated red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint.

Was: $675.00
Now: $540.00
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