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North America's Largest
Northwest Coast Native Art Gallery

Welcome to a world of storytelling, graphic art, painting, print making, sculpture, textiles, leather-work, knit work and so much more...welcome to the rich tapestry of cultures belonging to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Canada.



Tenacity by Andy Everson

Paper measures: 17" x 22"

Image measures: 14.5" x 19"


Was: $250.00
Now: $200.00
Bear with Salmon by Francis Horne Jr.

Bear is the protector of the animal kingdom, awakening the power of the unconscious. A Provider Symbol of abundance and prosperity, the salmon was the chief sustenance for the West Coast Natives.

Was: $7,800.00
Now: $6,240.00
Resilience by Native American Artist Andy Everson

Limited Edition giclée print

Image measures about 14.5 x 19 inches

Paper measures about 17 x 22 inches

This item is SOLD
Frog bowl by Jacob Lewis

Carved from yellow cedar and detailed with acrylic paint, paua shell and stain.

Was: $3,200.00
Now: $2,560.00
Shapeshifter of the Undersea by Gerry Sheena

Carved from red cedar and detailed with paua shell.

Was: $2,900.00
Now: $2,320.00
Sisiutl by David Louis

Carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint.

Was: $795.00
Now: $636.00
Black Swan by Francis Horne Sr.

Carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint.

Was: $1,125.00
Now: $900.00
Sun Mask by Earl Lewis

A Northwest coast masterpiece, created around 40 years ago. This incredible Sun mask has only just been made available.

Was: $38,000.00
Now: $30,400.00
Killer Whale Panel by Alano Edzerza

Large round glass panel sand-blasted and mounted on particle board. Detailed with acrylic paint.

Was: $3,500.00
Now: $2,800.00
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